Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh look, the Dimmycrats is Writin' to me Agin! LOL!!

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From: Brad Woodhouse, Democrats.org
To: HotFlash
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 1:02 PM
Subject: Birther nonsense

HotFlash --

When one-time Republican frontrunner Donald Trump dropped out of the presidential race, I thought we were done with all this birther nonsense.

But I guess right-wing conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi finally got to prove a Democrat wrong. Corsi just released his latest book, called -- wait for it -- Where's the Birth Certificate?

Fortunately, the Obama campaign knows just how to handle things like this: Treat them like the joke they are. That's why I wanted to be sure you saw the campaign's email from yesterday offering "Made in the USA" mugs with the President's birth certificate. You can get yours here:




--------- (my response)-----------------

Brad -- (may I call you Brad -- ?)

I don't give a damn about the birth certificate. The Constitution says "natural-born American", which, unlike "natural-born citizen", does not actually have a legal definition. I take it to preclude C-sections, although I think that's not fair. But WRT Obama, what I want to see is the *change* that I voted for, OK? We are still in Iraq, still in Afghanistan, now in Libya and apparently oozing on over to Pakistan; workers and wages are being attacked; the DOJ is still sitting on its hands re criminal investigations let alone prosecutions of seriously smelly bankers, economists, FBI directors, previous Presidents and VP's; Obama's 'health care' is a joke that will set back *real* health care by decades; SSI, Medicare and Medicaid are under attack -- you know the drill. So, you want me to buy a frickin' MUG!!??1!!!

And then you tell me that "Fortunately, the Obama campaign knows just how to handle things like this" and I say "fortunately the ... WTF??? 'campaign'?" Are you doing fund-raising here?

Please, please, consult a mental health professional soon! You are not in touch with reality (ie, not correctly interpreting what you perceive) and not rational (ie, not connecting thoughts/ideas in a logical way). You may be dangerous to yourself and/or others. Personally, I am more worried about the others, since I am one of them, but I beg you to not underestimate the danger to your own security, happiness, and sanity. I say this as one who values all human life, well, most.




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