Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Thinking and Thanking Green

Congratulations to all the Greens, and to us ordinary Canadians, too -- it's really exciting that Green Party leader Elizabeth May won her riding. I doubt that anyone will be able to hold Harper's feet to any fire, but I hope that her seat in the House of Commons will give her a bit closer view into what is happening/not happening in the Harper Govt. I expect even less info to get out now about what he is doing under the radar (he is a master at that). I will be checking the Green Party website, esp the Shadow Cabinet page, in the hope that they will keep us apprised of impending disasters, so we can at scream, blog, write letters, demonstrate and maybe even find more effective ways of keeping the damage to a minimum *and* making alliances and friendships that we can count on in four years.

I am guessing that the Green votes were too few for federal funding for elections next time. My thought is that we will have to pony up to keep the Green Party alive in the coming four years. I know that I and a lot of my friends might have voted Green 'cept we were scared of Conservatives -- or, in our riding, Liberals, who have behaved as Conservative-lite. I am suggesting to them, and to you and to anyone, that if they had wanted to vote Green, or even if they wouldn't have, if they agree with what the Green Party stands for and think that it is a vital voice in Canada, that they chuck in $10 to $25 *per year* to the Green Party to help keep that Green shadow cabinet shadowing the Harper Government™.


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